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  • What Is the Internet Research Agency?
    The Internet Research Agency is a Russian troll farm in St. Petersburg—in essence a Kremlin-backed enterprise staffed with hundreds of people whose main job is to sow disinformation on the internet. The organization, which serves as a propaganda arm for Russian President Vladimir Putin,  is at the heart of the indictments handed down Friday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.The indictment alleges that IRA officials began targeting the United States in 2014 and continued until the November 2016 election that saw the election of President Trump. (The indictment does not allege collusion between these individuals and the Trump campaign.) The IRA, ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2018-02-16
  • The Swiss Have Liberal Gun Laws, Too
    In February 2011, Swiss citizens voted in a referendum that called for a national gun registry and for firearms owned by members of the military to be stored in public arsenals.“It is a question of trust between the state and the citizen. The citizen is not just a citizen, he is also a soldier,” Hermann Suter, who at the time was vice president of the Swiss gun-rights group Pro Tell, told the BBC then. “The gun at home is the best way to avoid dictatorships—only dictators take arms away from the citizens.”Apparently many of his fellow Swiss agreed. The referendum ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2018-02-16
  • Photos of the Week: Skiing Robots, a Bichon Frise Wins Best in Show
    Guadalupe Pardo / Reuters The U.S. Toboggan Championships in Maine, scenes from New York Fashion Week, a camel trip on a Siberian steppe, a school shooting in Florida, welcoming the lunar new year in China, Winter Olympics highlights from South Korea, colorful scenes from Carnival and Mardi Gras celebrations, and much more. ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2018-02-16
  • The US-Israel Honeymoon May Not Last
    President Trump has taken two unprecedented steps highly favorable to Israel: recognizing Jerusalem as its capital and cutting funds to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an organization ultimately devoted to eliminating the Jewish state ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2018-02-05
  • Islamic London: “Run, Hide, Tell”
    To understand the development of Islam in Western countries, I make a habit of visiting Muslim-majority areas such as in Lakemba in Australia, Lodi in California, and Lunel in France. But London, England, is unique in the extent of its Islamic impress. ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2018-02-05
  • “Arabs and Muslims Will Never Accept Israel as the Jewish State”
    Mordechai Kedar, a distinguished specialist of the Middle East, recently published an article arguing that Israel can never win its neighbors' acceptance. This conclusion flies directly in the face of the Israel Victory Project I have proposed, which is ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2018-02-02