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  • The Crisis Facing America
    We still do not know what hold Vladimir Putin has upon President Trump, but the whole world has now witnessed the power of its grip.Russia helped Donald Trump into the presidency, as Robert Mueller’s indictment vividly details. Putin, in his own voice, has confirmed that he wanted Trump elected. Standing alongside his benefactor, Trump denounced the special counsel investigating the Russian intervention in the U.S. election—and even repudiated his own intelligence appointees.This is an unprecedented situation, but not an uncontemplated one. At the 1787 convention in Philadelphia, the authors of the Constitution worried a great deal about foreign potentates corrupting ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2018-07-16
  • This Is the Moment of Truth for Republicans
    There are exactly two possible explanations for the shameful performance the world witnessed on Monday, from a serving American president.Either Donald Trump is flat-out an agent of Russian interests—maybe witting, maybe unwitting, from fear of blackmail, in hope of future deals, out of manly respect for Vladimir Putin, out of gratitude for Russia’s help during the election, out of pathetic inability to see beyond his 306 electoral votes. Whatever the exact mixture of motives might be, it doesn’t really matter.Or he is so profoundly ignorant, insecure, and narcissistic that he did not  realize that, at every step, he was advancing the ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2018-07-16
  • Trump Sides With the Kremlin, Against the U.S. Government
    In an astonishing news conference on Monday, President Trump, standing next to Vladimir Putin, rejected the overwhelming consensus among U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.  “They said, ‘I think it is Russia.’ I have President Putin. He just said it is not Russia,” Trump said in Helsinki after a two-hour private meeting with the Russian leader. “I will say this: I do not see any reason why it would be.”Trump’s apparent willingness to take Putin’s word on the alleged interference coincides with a decline in U.S. relations with its closest allies around the world. Trump has ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2018-07-16
  • Jordan: Regime Survival and Politics Beyond the State
    Members 26 June 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:00pmAdd to CalendariCalendar Outlook Google Yahoo Chatham House, London Dr Curtis R. Ryan, Professor of Political Science, Department of Government and Justice Studies, Appalachian State UniversityFurther speakers to be announced. Register Register As uprisings spread across the Middle East in 2011, Jordan remained relatively stable in comparison to its regional counterparts. Despite conflict on its borders, the rise of ISIS and a large influx of refugees as a result of the Syrian civil war, Jordan has managed to avoid political upheaval and meaningful ..... READ MORE
    Source: Chatham House: Middle East & North AfricaPublished on 2018-06-01
  • The Arrests of Saudi Women’s Driving Activists Underlines the Limits of Reforms
    22 May 2018 Jane Kinninmont Deputy Head and Senior Research Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme Twitter The arrest of Saudis who campaigned for women’s right to drive is a reminder of the autocratic nature of the kingdom’s political leadership, even as it embarks on a process of social and economic liberalization. 2018-05-22-saudi-women.jpg A Saudi woman puts on her seat belt during a driving lesson in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on 7 March ..... READ MORE
    Source: Chatham House: Middle East & North AfricaPublished on 2018-05-22
  • Cybercrime Legislation in the GCC: Fit for Purpose?
    Invitation Only Research Event 14 June 2018 - 3:30pm to 5:00pmAdd to CalendariCalendar Outlook Google Yahoo Chatham House, London Joyce Hakmeh, Research Fellow, International Security Department, Chatham House; Co-Editor, Journal of Cyber Policy Over the past few years, most member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have enacted or updated cybercrime laws as part of efforts to address what is acknowledged as a growing security threat. Although currently the preferred way to address this threat in the region is through investment in technology, there is an increasing awareness among the region’s policymakers of ..... READ MORE
    Source: Chatham House: Middle East & North AfricaPublished on 2018-05-17
  • Les Bleus are a mini-UN of soccer talent
    France's 4-2 victory over Croatia propelled the team to the nation's second-ever World Cup championship. About two-thirds of Les Bleus's roster included players with immigrant backgrounds.  ..... READ MORE
    Source: Christian Science MonitorPublished on 2018-07-16
  • Record number of Muslim Americans make bids for elected office
    Around 90 Muslim Americans launched campaigns for national or statewide offices this election cycle, a number that Muslim groups and political observers say is unprecedented in the post-9/11 era. Many, however, have faced anti-Muslim backlash.  ..... READ MORE
    Source: Christian Science MonitorPublished on 2018-07-16
  • US states change up suspect lineup policies to improve accuracy
    Half of all US states have adopted new policies to prevent eyewitnesses from being swayed by police or other influences. Eyewitness misidentifications were a factor in 71 percent of the more than 350 wrongful convictions overturned by post-conviction DNA, according to The Innocence Project.  ..... READ MORE
    Source: Christian Science MonitorPublished on 2018-07-16
  • Israel Has Nothing to Fear from Trump’s Plan?
    Jonathan S. Tobin, editor-in-chief of the Jewish News Syndicate, argues that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "has nothing to worry about!" when it comes to the expected Trump plan that recognizes "Palestine" with Jerusalem as its capital, even ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2018-05-27
  • NYT: Richard Pipes, Historian of Russia and Reagan Aide, Dies at 94
    Richard Pipes in his study in Cambridge, Mass., in 1959. He spent his entire academic career at Harvard. Richard Pipes, the author of a monumental, sharply polemical series of historical works on Russia, the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik regime, ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2018-05-17
  • Enjoy the Jerusalem Embassy – But Don’t Get Giddy
    Yesterday's opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem marks a peak emotional moment for anyone wanting a secure and prosperous Israel; in that spirit, Donald Trump has been hailed as "the best thing that has happened to Israel in a long time." Maybe. ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2018-05-14