Special reports carefully selected by Dr. Jawad Hashim.

Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience

This special report document, Hard Lessons, reviews the Iraq reconstruction experience from mid-2002 through the fall of 2008. It is not an audit. Rather, it arises from from congressional mandate to provide advice and recommendations on policies to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in programs created for Iraq’s relief and reconstruction.

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Publication of the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI): ‘OUTLOOK IRAQ: Prospects for Stability in the Post-Saddam Era’

Remarks by His Excellency Howar Ziad, Ambassador of Iraq to Canada to the Joint Royal Canadian Military Institute and Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies Conference held on 11 July, 2006, which also included Ambassador Michael Bell – former Canadian Ambassador to Jordan, Israel and Egypt, Nahlah Ayed – CBC’s Beirut correspondent, and Major Joel Rayburn US Army – Commander’s Advisory Group, US Central Command.

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Two Little-Noted Features of the Markets and the Economy (by Peter Bernstein)

This issue analyzes two significant aspects of the current environment, one financial and one from the real economy. Neither of these subjects has received the attention it deserves, yet both have important stories to tell. The financial discussion raises tantalizing questions about investor rationality. The comments about the real sector consider current conditions in the labor market and their implications for equity price/earnings ratios in the years ahead.

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The Rebirth of Iraq (Special Report from the Embassy of Iraq in Ottawa, Canada)

Remarks of Howar Ziad, Ambassador of Iraq to Canada, to the Fraser Institute, Montreal, Quebec, Thursday, September 18, 2008. The best strategy is for foreign companies to enter the safe, quiet zones of Iraq that have been largely untouched by recent conflict. After establishing their presence there, these companies can then start to expand their operations in other parts of Iraq

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Who Won in Iraq: The Iraqi People

Foreign Policy:  The past four years have been a roller-coaster for the Iraqi people. We’ve been liberated from our oppressive tyrant, only to be thrust into deadly sectarian warfare. But the fight for Iraq is not just the fight of the Iraqi people; the entire...

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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): Regime Strategic Intent

Special report from CIA: Interviews with former Regime officials who were active in Iraq’s governing, economic, security, and intel- ligence structures were critical to ISG’s assessment of the former Regime’s WMD strategy. While some detainees’ statements were made to minimize their involvement or culpability leading to potential prosecution, in some cases those who were interviewed spoke relatively candidly and at length about the Regime’s strategic intent.

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