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  • The Lasers of Discontent
    Marcelo Hernandez / Getty For the past decade, as inexpensive laser pointers have become more available, protesters around the world have added them to their tool kits. They are used to distract or obstruct riot police and their cameras and drones, as a colorful way to celebrate and show solidarity in groups, or as a method of communication. Recently, in Hong Kong, police officers have arrested people for the possession of laser pointers, classifying the devices as offensive weapons that could injure someone’s eyes—which has prompted even more protests. Gathered here, images from unrest in Chile, Hong Kong, and Iraq ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2019-11-19
  • The Common Element Uniting Worldwide Protests
    “A leader is best when people barely know he exists,” Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, is thought to have said. “When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: ‘We did it ourselves.’’’But what if a leader doesn’t exist at all? Around the world, leaderless protest movements have emerged, drawing tens of thousands (and, in some cases, millions) of people to the streets. Though their catalysts vary, the protests have largely looked the same: From Hong Kong and Chile to Iraq and Lebanon, people have utilized social media to whip up spontaneous, mostly ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2019-11-19
  • Riot Police Lay Siege to Hong Kong University Occupied by Protesters
    Ng Han Guan / AP Five months into a pro-democracy protest movement in Hong Kong, some of the most violent clashes so far took place this past weekend, as riot police stormed the campus of a university where protesters had barricaded themselves. Hundreds of demonstrators had occupied Hong Kong Polytechnic University and prepared for a siege. Later, as some attempted to leave the campus, they found themselves trapped by police cordons and tear gas. Last night, police moved in with more tear gas, water cannons, and batons after days of confrontations in and around the campus, arresting many as they ..... READ MORE
    Source: The AtlanticPublished on 2019-11-18
  • Should Israel Invade Gaza?
    As Israeli frustration mounts about violence coming out of Gaza, the idea of a ground invasion, and once and for all to finish with Hamas aggression, becomes more appealing. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has endorsed this approach, saying that "There ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2019-09-23
  • Fifty Years of Fascination
    At the start of my junior year in college, precisely fifty years ago this month, I changed my college major, making the leap from mathematics to Middle East studies. Math had become too hard, the region was too interesting. I wrote about this ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2019-09-22
  • Augustin de Barruel
    Augustin de Barruel (1741-1820), a French ex-Jesuit and an abbot ... in 1797-98 published the mammoth four-volume Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism....[1] In it, de Barruel made a systematic and well-documented case for secret societies ..... READ MORE
    Source: Daniel PipesPublished on 2019-09-10